Firm News | 09/06/2022

Are you an eCommerce business owner struggling with your paperwork?

I’m Shirley, an eCommerce specialist with 15 years of experience transforming eCommerce businesses overburdened with manual processes.

In the years I have been in business, I’ve realized that eCommerce business owners often face these three common frustrations:

  1. They spend countless hours completing the bookkeeping manually.
  1.  Their manual bank reconciliation can’t cope with increases in sales orders and multiple sales platforms (Shopify, Amazon or eBay, Etsy, among others).
  1. Their Excel inventory spreadsheets are unmanageable! They never coincide with products remaining in stock following customer orders.

Does any of this sound familiar to your business?

Then it’s time to update your eCommerce inventory accounting system

We help eCommerce business owners to automate online bookkeeping and inventory systems. We implement easy-to-use technology to:

  •         Streamline online shops
  •         Make your company processes more efficient
  •         Reduce costs
  •         Increase profits

I will help you to achieve these results and give you back your free time with a

  •         Free eCommerce financial health check
  •         Free inventory management strategy session

Follow this link to book a discovery meeting, and let’s start working to improve your business and ease your workload. I look for to meeting you.