Firm News | 10/06/2022

Are you in an eCommerce accounting nightmare?

Many business owners I speak to are overwhelmed with multiple sales channels and complicated accounting and paperwork processes. They work 24/7 on admin trapped in the day-to-day with no way out and neglect the big picture; business growth.

They spend too much time improving their processes, hiring extra staff resulting in additional costs, and manually reconciling individual sales and payments.

They’re in an accounting and cash flow nightmare. They end up with income that’s not recorded accurately, leading to tax issues, including overpaying.

It is challenging to see an accurate financial picture of which products make or lose money with unreconciled payments. This leaves business owners steering in the dark without a compass and having sleepless nights. Does this sound familiar?

I’m Shirley from IPR Accounting. We help eCommerce business owners automate and integrate their multiple sales channels and accounting systems with the latest easy-to-use technology. We help you streamline back-end paperwork, payroll, and tax compliance so you can focus on business growth and time off.

Just follow this link for a free eCommerce sales automation strategy session with me. Let’s work to make your company more efficient. I look forward to meeting you. Shirley.