Forecasting, Projecting & Budgeting Services

Get a True Picture of Your Business to Make Critical Business Decisions with Confidence

360 degrees Business Management with IPR Accounting

Are you running your business in the most efficient way possible?
Do you know how much stock to purchase?
Do you know what you pay your sales representative?
Do you know your cost-of-goods-sold?

With IPR you’ll confidently answer ‘yes’ to those questions and more. We offer strategic business services, including budgeting, demand forecasting, and cash flow projection.

IPR enables you to move from being reactive to proactive in your business management.

With the use of historical data and predictive tools, we can give you a clear picture of how your business will perform in the short and medium-term.

IPR can also help you project demand and cash flow, so you can allocate business resources more effectively. As you get accurate and informed insights, you can make strategic business decisions that deliver maximum results.

What We Offer

Business Analysis Report

After accounting and inventory system set up, we support you to produce different business data reports in Sales, Products, Inventory and Fulfilment reports, and customer sales reports.

Demand Forecasting

At IPR, we use advanced tools to analyse your business’s historical data so we can predict future business opportunities and threats. We help you in improving cash flow and maximising profits by developing better business strategies.

Cash Flow Projection

Cash is king. With our cash flow management services, our goal is to help you make fundamental changes in your business operations to always stay cash flow positive. Our cash flow specialists will work with you to optimise the flow of cash in and out of business.

Advantage IPR

  • Business Analysis Service
    IPR prides itself in the extensive experience, and in-depth expertise of our specialists who work with you to improve your current and future business prospects.
  • Demand Forecasting Workshop
    Our experts teach you the importance of demand forecasting, why you need it, and how to calculate it. Book a session with us for just $99.
  • Coaching
    We teach you how to build models and scenarios to help you visualise the future of your business and proactively improve it using demand and cash flow forecasting.
  • Business Review & Planning Session
    We offer short, burst sessions to your team to help them understand how business review and analysis works.

IPR helps you to continually evolve in the right direction as you navigate changing business needs and technology disruptions. Stay relevant by working with us.

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