Firm News | 09/03/2023

If you run a business that handles inventory, chances are you’ve heard of DEAR (now known as Cin7 Core). It’s consistently ranked as one of the best cloud-based inventory management systems because it’s easy to learn and integrates well with your bookkeeping. If you’re interested in moving your business to DEAR, read on to learn more about this fantastic tool.


What is DEAR (Cin7 Core)?

DEAR is a cloud-based inventory management software and Xero add-on designed for businesses that have inventory to manage.

How does it work?

DEAR is designed to integrate seamlessly with your bookkeeping software. Providers of eCommerce bookkeeping services in Melbourne have been suggesting DEAR (Cin7 Core) for years because of how well it works with popular cloud-based bookkeeping software.

It has functions to manage sales, purchases, manufacturing, accounting, and warehouse management solutions. It also works with major players in the eCommerce space, such as Shopify, eBay, Magento, Paypal, and Stripe. It’s a real little powerhouse that handily beats many businesses’ error-prone manual spreadsheet systems!

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What types of business is DEAR/Cin7 Core meant for?

Ask any eCommerce bookkeeper, and they will recommend DEAR as an inventory management solution for your eCommerce business. That’s because it integrates well with the online tools these types of businesses use.


What problems does it solve?

One of the most common problems for inventory-based businesses is the massive amount of time and energy it takes to manage that inventory manually. The problem is compounded as you grow your business and track more SKUs. Tracking inventory along multiple spreadsheets or locations also leads to frequent errors that ultimately affect your customer and your business.

DEAR (Cin7 Core) streamlines and simplifies your entire system. A specialist in inventory optimisation in Melbourne helps you input your data into the system so that these time-consuming, error-ridden tasks become a thing of the past.


Will it integrate with my existing bookkeeping software?

This is the best feature of DEAR inventory. The software integrates seamlessly with most cloud-based accounting software, meaning you get up-to-date information as inventory moves. 

As your eCommerce accountant in Melbourne, IPR is here to help with any DEAR and Xero inventory troubleshooting needs you may have.

We’re experts with both tools and can’t wait to show you how well they work together. To learn more, set up a [FREE 45-minute Xero + DEAR Inventory Accounting Integration consultation].

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How do I get started?

Getting started with a DEAR (Cin7 Core) inventory coach is easy. [Contact us] to discuss your specific needs, and we’ll gladly help you get started. Then, we’ll devise a plan together for your DEAR inventory software implementation.

Schedule an eCommerce bookkeeping health check and inventory system audit if you’d like to learn more about how DEAR would work for your eCommerce business. We’ll analyse how your system works now and show you how it can become so much easier.

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Final thoughts

There is so much DEAR (Cin7 Core) can do to make things easier for those who run inventory-based eCommerce businesses. Automating inventory tasks saves you a lot of time and results in more accurate numbers.

We’re here to help as your business management specialists in Melbourne, and we can’t wait to show you how DEAR can optimise your business and streamline your bookkeeping. Contact us to book a free demo and troubleshooting consultation on Xero and DEAR Inventory account integration.