Interior Material

How we helped Interior Material integrate Shopify and Xero with a real-time inventory system

Interior Material is a retail and wholesale online supplier for construction materials, using eBay, Shopify, and Xero as their sales platforms.

Problem One

Interior Material used an old version of the MYOB accounting system in their retail shop, processed orders manually, and had no website.

IPR Accounting’s Solution

We introduced Interior Material to Shopify, an online shopping website that integrates with Xero and implements the A2X. This fuss-free eCommerce accounting system can deal with multiple sales channels and online payment gateways, including PayPal, Afterpay, and Zip Pay.

The Results

They now save a great deal of time and energy on reconciling invoices because the system is faster, more accurate, and more efficient.

Problem Two

Interior Material was also experiencing problems between Shopify and Xero, including:

  1. GST errors after syncing to Xero from eBay
  2. Some transactions paid in Shopify, not in Xero
  3. Shopify was fulfilled; however, the invoice failed to sync with Xero
  4. There was a double income process between Shopify and the manual sales invoice process
  5. With 1,000 orders every month, reconciling sales manually was not just inefficient but inaccurate and prone to errors.

IPR Accounting’s Solution

Every month we help Interior Material do two system audit checks from sales in Shopify to inventory audit checks, and ensure all tax codes have been allocated correctly. We also address other issues, including customer credit, refunds, and financial control.

The Results

The client is now able to keep good customer relations. The accounts are up to date and their stock is accurate.